Vedrana’s Park

My favorite place in my town is the playground in front of the elementary school. The park is located in Vedrana where I live. The area is very green and there is little traffic and indeed almost no pollution. One of its features is that it has a slide, a swing and a ping pong […]

Creti’s Park – Salvo D’Acquisto

My favorite place in my city is the park. It is located in front of the pizzeria Bamby. The park is large and sunny. I go there on Friday afternoon with friends to play ball. I like it because it is large, quiet and sunny. Precedente Successivo Arianna Do you like this place? Tell it […]

Piva’s play ground

My favorite place in town is Piva’s playground. It’s near to the school. On the left there’s the swimming pool. In front of the playground there is the Green Park bar and on the right there’s the football field. When I go out with my friends it’s our meeting place. Usually when I go there, […]