Vedrana’s Park

My favorite place in my town is the playground in front of the elementary school.

The park is located in Vedrana where I live.

The area is very green and there is little traffic and indeed almost no pollution. One of its features is that it has a slide, a swing and a ping pong table.

I usually went there after school with my friends and we played football from 4.15pm until 6pm.

I like the park because I spent nearly every day there for five years of elementary school. Every time when I pass in front of it I remember all those times that I went there and the many funny things that we did there and it is an inexplicable feeling.

Now I still go there sometimes with my friends. We meet with our bikes there and we chat under the high trees of the playground. It is a wonderful place not only for children.


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Foto di Giorgio Grassi

About "My favourite place in town"

“My favorite place in town” was born from an idea of the English teacher Miria Pirini of the lower secondary schools “Quirico Filopanti” and the collaboration of Budrio Welcome.
The texts were developed by students and describe their favorite place in our Budrio.

“My favourite place in town” nasce dall’idea della professoressa di ingelse Miria Pirini delle scuole Secondarie di I° grado “Quirico Filopanti” e la collaborazione di Budrio Welcome. 

I testi sono stati elaborati dai ragazzi delle scuole e descrivono il loro luogo preferito della nostra Budrio.  

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